Wintertime Remote Cabin Security: 5 Tips to Keep Your Cabin Safe

A log cabin at night in the wintertime, surrounded by snow

Cabins are a refuge from the daily grind. When you return to your cabin on the lake in the springtime for much-needed R&R, you want to dive right into vacay mode. What you don’t want to do is arrive at your property post-burglary. Use these 5 tips to keep your cabin or remote property safe this winter.

Leave a Trace

Ask someone you trust to check on your cabin. The goal here is to give the appearance that someone is staying in or checking on the cabin. Some ideas on how to accomplish this include leaving tire tracks and footprints in the snow; shoveling the porch or walkway; and knocking down icicles.

Batten Down the Hatches

Your cabin needs a sturdy door and windows that can’t be physically forced open. This requires effort and investment, but it’s worth it. Doors and windows are easy access points, so if you can make it just that much harder to get in, a potential burglar will throw in the towel.

Pen a Letter

A unique recommendation from cottagetips.com is to notify potential burglars about what isn’t in your cabin by placing a note on your door or in your window. When the burglar reads that you don’t have booze, electronics, outdoor gear, or other valuables in your cabin, breaking in is no longer appealing.

The Letter Should Be True

Don’t just write the letter. To avoid any losses, store valuables from your cabin in a nearby storage unit, or bring the items home with you.

An Affordable Cabin Security System

Though best known as an effective way to deter deer, coyote, raccoon, and other creatures, Nite Guard Solar lights can also be used as an affordable cabin security system. They’re perfect for remote properties, since they’re off the grid. They recharge using solar power. Nite Guard Solar lights are also a cinch to install and are maintenance-free. In fact, to mimic a security system, all you have to do is place a Nite Guard Solar light in your cabin’s window. Come dusk, the flashing red light will automatically activate. At dawn, the light will stop, and the device will begin recharging.

Questions about Using Nite Guard Solar at Your Cabin?

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