Raccoon Testimonials

An effective raccoon repellent keeps your chickens, garden, farm, and fish pond safe. You need a way to keep raccoon away that you can fully depend on. Read reviews below from people who used Nite Guard Solar lights as a raccoon deterrent. Find out how depending on Nite Guard Solar lights put them back in control.

Thank you, Thank you! I have raised chickens for seven years and every year I have lost most of my flock to raccoons and minks. I have tried everything and nothing worked. I installed Nite Guards all around the barn in 2008 and now my chickens and goats are very, very happy…and alive! Thank you again Nite Guard!

D. Baker, Garret Co., MD

I use the Nite Guard lights to protect my garden against deer and raccoon. As long as I have the lights in place I have no problems. If I take them down, the deer and raccoons return. They work!

D. Holmberg, Randolph, KS

I have used your lights since 1999 and have not had one raccoon problem since. I gave one of the lights to my neighbor to use and he has not had any problems either. The original lights are still working. I highly recommend your product.

Darrell Burdge, Hazlegreen, KY

I have been using Nite Guard Solar since 2006.  Prior to that, I had large losses of chickens and ducks to raccoon, fox and coyote for several years.  Since finding the Nite Guard Solar, I have had no more losses!  My lights are here to stay.  I tell everyone about them.  Thanks for the good service, you're the best!

Donna McKenery, Springfield, WV

I have been using the original Nite Guard Solar® for over 6 years and not only am I thrilled with how this sensible and effective product works, but I am also extremely pleased with the exceptional customer service of the Nite Guard company. I have kept in close communication with them over the years and appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with others about what a great family-owned company this is to work with. They certainly know the field of predation control! If anyone wants to actually talk with me about the product or the company-to prove I’m a real customer, just get in touch with Tammi or Katie at Nite Guard and they can give you my contact info and I’ll tell you myself.

Geri Spieler, Palo Alto, CA

As a member of our local 'Friends of Feral Cats' group I put out food every night for the stray cats.  I have had to bring the food dish inside every night though because the raccoon and skunk would eat it.  I have tried everything on the market to stop them...sprays and other repellents.  Nothing has worked until I found the Nite Guard Solar lights.  I can leave the food outside now without worrying about those pests coming around to eat it.

Hazel Hovde, Pelican Rapids, MN

Had our annual snowshoe party this week.  One couple who had been here last year thanked me for turning them onto Nite Guard.  Coons had been destroying their grape crop but this year, with help from your product, no coons molested their grapes.

I am a speaker on hobby poultry production and I always recommend your product.  I've used it for years.  It works.

Henry in Maine

I lost every duck and goose on my pond to raccoons and coyotes and then re-stocked the pond and installed the Nite Guard lights. After that I did not lose a single bird.

J Crawford, Jackson, TN

I have a small pond in my yard with goldfish that grew from feeder fish to 10 inch beauties over the course of nine years. Young have been born and the pond was a delight until raccoons discovered it three years ago. The plants were trashed, water muddied, filters destroyed, and the raccoons provided the ultimate insult of bringing the fish up on the deck and consuming them in one of the chairs there. I tried leaving a radio on at night, hanging containers of coyote urine, leaving lights on, nothing helped. Then I got a trap and caught several raccoons and relocated them about 4 miles away near a reservoir. I actually marked one of them with spray paint. I caught that one again two nights later. Still they messed up the pond and killed fish. Last spring I saw ordered four of your Nite Guards. I faced them in four directions around the pond about 18 inches from the ground. HOORAY, they worked and are still working. I have had absolutely no problem since I hung those little wonders up. I oh so heartily recommend them. They have given me a summer of peace.

Jane P. Connerton, Newport, RI

Finally, something that really works! I live on the outskirts of a small town in Iowa and had two summers of hell with raccoons on my back deck and gazebo that sit less than twenty feet from a corn field. I trapped fifteen in a little over two months in a live trap. I was so tired of cleaning up their feces but the final straw was when they tore up all the cushions on my Pottery Barn deck furniture. I'd asked every farmer I knew for their advice but nothing worked. Then one day I ran across an ad for Nite Guard in a catalog. The price was very reasonable, the shipping was free, and there was a 90 day guarantee so I had nothing to lose. I haven't seen a single raccoon (or evidence of one) in the six months since I started using it with the exception of one night when I heard them and discovered my unit was buried under 12 inches of snow. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first but the theory behind it made sense to this biologist. I only wish I had discovered Nite Guard sooner and saved myself alot of work and frustration. The whole town knew of my "raccoon saga" and now they know the solution. I tell EVERYONE what truly works.

Many, many thanks.

Janee in Pleasantville, IA

Last year I lost all my ducks to raccoons, but after placing four of these little gems around the property, I didn't see any kind of critters.  Thank you so much.  I tell everyone about them!

Kathryn K. in AL

I grow 4 acres of sweet corn and always had trouble with raccoons. I used poison and live traps which weren't 100% effective. Plus you had to dipose of the carcasses. Since using Nite Guard, I have had no raccoon problems!

L. Safford, New Lothrop, MI

I have been using the Nite Guard lights for years to stop mink and raccoon on our island near the mainland. People live trap and turn loose many raccoons on our island and without your lights I could not keep my poultry and waterfowl alive. The first ones I bought lasted four years.

M. Karney, Vashon Island, WA

My backyard seems to be raccoon alley. I have seen at least 20+ in the years that I have lived here. In fact my dog goes crazy on a regular basis at 1-3 a.m. because of the raccoons, skunks, and opossums that come through my yard. I live within 50 yards of a large open area. The Nite Guard Solar lights have been terrific in that I have not had a single problem with the critters invading my coop over the past 2-3 years since using the lights around my chicken pen. I’m trying to keep the streak alive!

Michael A. Johnson, D.P.M., Petaluma, CA

The number of purple martin hatchlings raised to adults in my houses has increased each year since using Nite Guard Solar lights to protect against owls.  Prior to that there would be years when the entire hatch and adults would be killed.  I set my daughter up with Nite Guard Solar lights also to protect against a huge raccoon problem, they worked there as well.  I believe in this product and would not be without them.

Roger in Quincy, IL

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