Quality & Service Testimonials

Buying a product is an investment, and you don’t want your investment to be a waste of your time and money. When you choose products made by Nite Guard, we want you to know that quality products and excellent customer service are part of the deal. The customer reviews below show this. And we always enjoy hearing from our customers; you can share your experience with Nite Guard products and customer service by writing a testimonial.

I have been using the original Nite Guard Solar® for over 6 years and not only am I thrilled with how this sensible and effective product works, but I am also extremely pleased with the exceptional customer service of the Nite Guard company. I have kept in close communication with them over the years and appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with others about what a great family-owned company this is to work with. They certainly know the field of predation control! If anyone wants to actually talk with me about the product or the company-to prove I’m a real customer, just get in touch with Tammi or Katie at Nite Guard and they can give you my contact info and I’ll tell you myself.

Geri Spieler, Palo Alto, CA

We were going to send the lights back until your knowledgeable staff people took the time to work with us and corrected the way we had mounted them. They then worked perfectly to protect our birds after that. Thank you!

J. Topete, Live Oak, CA

I have used your Nite Guard lights since 2006 and have not only found it to be effective in stopping predators, but am impressed with the quality of its engineering. I recommend this product to others.

Mark Ostrye, Rattan, OK

Having had problems with owls & raccoons, I decided to check out Nite Guard anti-predator lights. The principle of how they deter night predators seemed sound and the lady on the phone at Nite Guard gave me very helpful advice on locating and installing them. So I ordered a whole bunch. I had little doubt they would keep those pests away. My big concern was whether they would work all night on limited charging. Up here in Canada the winter days are short & often sunless for days at a time & the nights are long just when you really need them to work.

Well, I installed my Nite-Guards, some up high for the flying predators & some just above the ground for raccoons. They worked like a charm from day one & have never let me down. They come on well before dark & continue flashing for a while after sunrise, covering the entire danger period. I am blown away how they work night after night, with absolute minimum of daytime light to recharge.

I have had no problems with predators since installing my Nite Guards. To anyone with night predators, I would definitely suggest getting Nite Guards. They really do work.

Martin Hill, Lund B.C. Canada

Congratulations on developing a great product that with only a small investment will give someone complete satisfaction and prevent wild animals from destroying months, even years of hard work.

R. Neely, Southwest Virginia Game Fowl Farm

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