Owl Testimonials

You have a chicken coop in your backyard, and an owl has had an eye on it. Recently, the owl almost got away with one of your hens, and now, your ladies are nervous and stressed. What can you do to protect your hens and make them feel safe again?

Nite Guard Solar lights are your answer. They’re effective, maintenance-free, and affordable. These owl deterrent lights turn on automatically at dusk and turn off automatically at dawn.

Keep reading to find out what people have to say about using Nite Guard Solar lights. And if you’ve used Nite Guard Solar lights to keep owls away, share your experience by writing a testimonial.

"Thank you for your wonderful product. Before their use, I heard owls very near the farm most every night. Since we received these Nite Guards, we've not heard a one. I sleep much more peaceful knowing these are on guard."

A. Moore, Mannford, OK

I would love to order more lights. It has been two years now that I haven't lost one single Muscovy duck! Ever since I installed the Night Guard Solar lights, the great horned owl that once desecrated these ducks was gone for good.

A. Smith, Cochrane, AB, Cananda

These Nite Guard Solar lights are unbelievable!  They work GREAT on coyote!

Aurora Taylor, North Easton, MA

"I have an area in my pens where I keep my rabbits where I knew I didn't have any coverage by the Nite Guards. After putting my other lights up, the only place in my pens where I experienced an owl kill was in that area that wasn't being protected by a Nite Guard."

B. Cody, GA

I was able to pick up four Nite Guards at a very reasonable price and have installed them on my Guinea coop near the one I won at the Guinea Fest two years ago. That first one is still working every night since I've installed it. But, have increased the size of the Guinea pen and figured I needed additional lights.

C. Eisemann, Indian Mound, TN

I have been a customer since 2001 and these lights have been 100% successful for my owl problems.

C. Pattenden, Royal Oak, MD

"I would like to thank you once again for a fantastic product. It surpasses all you said it would do. It has put a literal stop to the coyote and owl attacks, but almost more importantly it stopped the infestation of (hurricane) 'Katrina Thieves' on my farm! Thank You!"

C. Wallace, LA

I have been using the Nite Guards since 2002 and the Nite Guards are the best investment I have ever made in protecting my rabbit enclosure. I have completely stopped all owl kills and I used to lose nearly half of my rabbits each year.

Clinton Halfacre, Iuka, IL

Because of owls, the mother purple martins would not stay with their babies at night. Nite Guard took care of that. No more owls.

Customer in Guston, KY

"The Nite Guard is a must for Purple Martin landlords. After repeated owl attacks, installing owl guards to no avail, we installed the Nite Guard as a last resort and resolve the owl problem. We have had great success, with 100% effectiveness against the owls, and have removed the old owl guards. I wish we had known about the Nite Guards from the start."

D. Oliver, Morganton, GA

After 10 days of Owls attacking other rabbits, squirrels, etc. in my yard and leaving remnants on my pool cage, I was ready to try anything! I found this site and ordered 4 Nite Guards, hoping it would work. I am so happy to say that from the day of placing these on 4 locatins facing different diections... NO MORE OWLS! I have waited to see if they would return before writing this review... as of now, 2 weeks later, no problem. They are water resistant and are bright and flashing. Thank You!

D. Truxton, Fort Meyers, FL

You name it, I tried it. Nothing worked for my owl problem.  I lost one or more chickens every night. I ordered your Nite Guard solar lights and hung the lights at 8 feet on my hoop houses because it was simple. The owls were still coming and a couple months later I RE-READ the instructions and mounted them AS WAS STATED IN THE INSTRUCTIONS instead of the way I found easiest. I mounted the lights on 2x2 poles, twelve feet high, and in all four directions for 360 degree coverage. Then BOOM, on August 15th of 2005 my predator problem stopped. I have NEVER again had a problem. Done. Finished. It was incredible. I have been a faithful repeat customer ever since.

Dan Turner, Skamokawa WA

We first heard about Nite Guard back in 2004 from an online chat group about guineas. We have been using the product now for over 6 years for owls! We have more than 100 free-ranging guineas that roost in our barnyard trees at night. These lights have virtually halted (99% I’d say) the nightly owl attacks since we began using them. We just ordered more to replace some that have stopped working. We are VERY satisfied with the original Nite Guard Solar®!

Donna Shelby, Comanche, OK

I purchased Nite Guard lights in 2003 to protect my purple martin houses against owls. I have not had one single owl kill in all this time. Now that they have quit working (after four years), the owls moved back in and are killing my martins and their young every night. Please send me 8 more units next day air – I can’t go another night without this protection.

Enoch Byler, Middlefield, OH

These Nite Guards really, really work. They have shut down all of my owl and raccoon problems on my chickens. I'm ordering more today.

G. Gray, Nokesville, VA

"At last, a trick that works! I am a fancy fowl hobbyist and have had everything from owl, weasel, coyote and coons as culprits. This year I read your article in Backyard Poultry and decided to try the Nite Guard. I have not lost a single critter to predators since putting the Nite Guard in place. I highly recommend the Nite Guard. It is a great investment."

H. Hamilton, ME

"Owls and Coyotes used to rule at night. Since installing the Nite Guard lights, my birds are completely protected from these nighttime varmints. They do their job."

H. Moreno, Pleasanton, TX

I live in NW Arkansas and have purple martin colony consisting of 7-12 compartment aluminum houses. Last year I had 73 nesting pairs, and raised over 300 young. I have had problems with owls attacking the martins for the 12 years we have lived here. I have installed owl guards on all the houses. It keeps them from getting the young out of the nest, but I still had owls sitting on top of the houses that would grab the adults when they came out of the nest early in the morning. I have tried everything including lighting up the area, turning on a radio all night, but nothing worked. I saw your ad in the Nature Society News, and ordered 4 of the Nite Guards as suggested for owl. I put them up the same day I received them and after figuring out the best height for my colony (I did reposition the height 3 times)… I’ve been using my Nite Guards to protect my purple martins by mounting them 8-12 inches above the purple martin house. The results have been tremendous! They definitely work! Now I am able to get some sleep at night. Thanks so much for a fine product.

J. Hutfles, Bella Vista, AR

We have been using Nite Guards for years to protect our rabbit enclosures. They work great!

J. Messier, VT

We were going to send the lights back until your staff  people corrected the way we had mounted them. They then worked perfectly to protect our birds after that.

J. Topete, Live Oak, CA

I own pygora goats and we have had problems with coyotes and wild dogs. I heard about the Nite Guard lights from other goat owners. The consensus was they seemed to work, so I tried some. Since then I have not seen ANY sign or tracks anywhere nearby. So I want several more for my guinea hen pen. I believe the lights also have a secondary effect – we live back off the road in WV and the blinking lights have even stopped a couple of uninvited human visitors as well.

K. Santucci, Hedgesville, WV

In May, we lost 5 lambs to coyotes in a span of a week. We have 110 ewes and have had coyote problems in the past but had not lost anything for 10 years after switching from guard dogs to a llama. When we experienced the coyote attacks again in May, I turned straight to your product I had seen in SHEEP! Magazine months prior. We are happy to report that we have not had ANY problems since we got the Nite Guards set up in our pasture, four on a post. My husband has seen fresh coyote tracks up to the edge of the pasture, but they haven’t gone any farther. Thank you for making such a great product! We can certainly rest easier knowing the lights are blinking.

Lucy Floren, Touchet WA

"The cost of these lights is nothing compared to the value of my birds. I have had problems with owl, cougars, bobcats and mountain lions. I have not lost one bird since I put these lights up."

M. Cammack, Edmonds, WA

I truly thank you folks for this wonderful little invention of yours…haven’t seen or heard a coyote since the original Nite Guard Solar® patrols the perimeter of my property…many thanks!

M. Dmitru, Crystal Falls, MI

The night prior to installing your product I lost 9 hens. The weeks leading up to this I lost 1-3 per night. It was like I had become the local Coyote Kentucky Fried Chicken! I tried everything from traps to haunting them hard. All to no avail. The very night I installed the original Nite Guard Solar® units my loss went to exactly ZERO. I have not lost a single bird to any predator since then. It has been so effective that I have not even heard the coyotes howling in my area for at least the last 4-6 months, which corresponds to when I installed the first of the Nite Guards. I have never had this kind of success with any environmentally friendly product. Coyotes do serve a purpose, they keep the raccoons and opossums in check and by not having to destroy them in order to protect my hens and calves, I preserve my local ecosystems balance. This is the reason for my current reorder. You have the most effective product I have ever used. I would recommend your Nite Guard without hesitation.

M. Hatfield, Columbus, IN

I have been using Nite Guard for years to protect my chickens against owls, but I have found out they will stop all night animals mentioned in your ads. This is a great product.

M. Limehouse, Ridgeville, SC

Having had problems with owls & raccoons, I decided to check out Nite Guard anti-predator lights.

The principle of how they deter night predators seemed sound and the lady on the phone at Nite Guard gave me very helpful advice on locating and installing them. So I ordered a whole bunch. I had little doubt they would keep those pests away. My big concern was whether they would work all night on limited charging. Up here in Canada the winter days are short & often sunless for days at a time & the nights are long just when you really need them to work.

Well, I installed my Nite-Guards, some up high for the flying predators & some just above the ground for raccoons. They worked like a charm from day one & have never let me down. They come on well before dark & continue flashing for a while after sunrise, covering the entire danger period. I am blown away how they work night after night, with absolute minimum of daytime light to recharge.

I have had no problems with predators since installing my Nite Guards. In fact a few weeks ago an owl came onto the property at dawn. It "challenged"  one of the Nite Guards by calling to scare it off. The Nite Guard of course "stood its ground" & the owl took off!! To anyone with night predators, I would definitely suggest getting Nite Guards. They really do work.

Martin Hill, Lund B.C. Canada

I used to have Llama…but now the Nite Guard Solar lights are working better than the Llamas at keeping coyote away from my sheep. And they keep skunk away, too. Nite Guard is a great product!

Milton Archuleta, Blanco NM

We use the original Nite Guard Solar® lights to protect our chicken from owls. We have lost 14 chickens this summer and since buying and strategically installing the Nite Guard Solar, we have not lost ONE chicken!!! We followed the instructions you gave us and we are EXTREMELY pleased with the results. We’re amazed with the effectiveness of the Nite Guard Solar. Thanks again!

Nancy Cammenga, Allegan, MI
"As a beagle club member these lights work really good to protect our rabbit enclosures."
P. Timberlake, IN

The coyotes are just gone. It is just amazing how well the Nite Guard lights work. Thank you so much for your product.

Patricia Davies, Lake Charles LA

"I'm getting ready to order more lights. I know they work and I have not been able to say that any dead rabbits that I've found since I put up the lights have been from a predator kill."

R. Beland, Jetersville, VA

I mounted Nite Guard lights 24” off the ground and 30’ apart and it absolutely stopped coyotes from entering my chicken yard at night. I have not seen any since.

Robert Rutherford, London, KY

"We have had single digit temperatures and the Nite Guard just blinks away all night long. Thank you very much; your product works great for keeping my predators away and my birds alive."

S. Brandt, Tulsa, OK

I was very skeptical at first about the Nite Guard lights, but they stopped my coyote problem with my sheep. I used to have coyote right in my pens…but not anymore. I am a repeat customer of Nite Guard Solar.

Steve Baustert, Kingfischer OK

I just bought 4 more Nite Guard Solar® lights to stop my owl kills. I have found them to be very effective in stopping owls.

Steve Helms, Monroe, NC

Please send me four more Nite Guard units. I could not raise a rabbit in an enclosure before using these lights to protect them against owls and ground predators. They really work-thank you for a GREAT product.

Steve L., Indiana

I raise shetland sheep and had problems with coyote.  I am totally sold on these lights.  I am very, very pleased with them.  They absolutely protect my sheep!

Steve Tharp, Overland Park KS

Before I had Nite Guards I was losing geese, especially young goslings, to owls and other night predators. After installing Nite Guards on my property I have not lost a single bird. It’s incredible. I absolutely believe in this product.

T. Morgan, Almyra, AR

"We have had your lights for over two years now and in that time we have had NO owl kills."

W. Calkins, Scio, OR

The owls will not come in on the lights. I hear them in the distance, but they will not come near. I have 3 of your lights that are going on 4 years old and here is an order for 3 more. I praise the Nite Guard lights highly. They absolutely work!

W. Everhardt, Camden, OH

We bought four of these units and they work great. My problem was owls and now they don’t come around at all. Also when one of my units stopped working, it was great to have the warranty! Another unit was sent out with no hassle at all. A great company to deal with!

W. Pearce, Reno, NE

The Nite Guard Solar® lights work beautifully on owls, even for my neighbors. It’s wonderful! Thank you for inventing this product. It has been our best year with 50 purple martin babies!

Yolanda Dyer, Winter Haven, FL

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