Deer Testimonials

As a gardener, a farmer, an orchard owner, or a winemaker, you understand the importance of an effective deer repellent. Only one visit from a deer is all it takes to destroy all of your hard work. Are you thinking about using Nite Guard Solar lights as a deer deterrent? Read reviews below, and find out what people have to say about their experience using Nite Guard Solar lights to keep deer away.

I must say for the past 4 years we have been fighting deer!  We have tried different sprays, little bags, scarecrow sprayers, and soap...this year I discovered Nite Guard Solar!  OMGosh!  Our gardens have never been sooooo beautiful!  Before Nite Guard Solar a section of my tulips were taken care of by the deer.  I purchased 4 Nite Guard's and had such success we ordered 4 additional ones.  We have 5 gardens.  We have given Nite Guard Solar to SEVERAL of our neighbors and friends and told them it was definitely worth the money invested!  Thank You!

Cindy Jarden, Broadview Heights, OH

I own four already and they work fantastic against deer!

Customer in NY

I wanted to let you know that this was the first time in 4-5 years that I was able to enjoy my home-grown sweet corn! In years past, the deer would devour it, but not after installing the 4 lights this summer. I also used the Repellent Tape above my blackberry patch and within 1 hour, all the nuisance birds were gone! Now that my garden is done for the year, I plan to use the lights for security purposes.

D. Jenkins, Elkton, VA

I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with your product. I must admit I was highly skeptical about purchasing your product. Every summer we grow about a half acre of garden and one of our favorite crops are peas. After trying many ways to keep our deer away without building a ten foot high fence around the entire garden, we would plant many extra peas in order for us to get some of the crop. The deer loved these peas so much that we could actually see where they would lay down and eat during the night.

After installing NiteGuard using your instructions, my wife and I were amazed at having no sign of deer. I was able to find deer tracks that were heading toward the peas and actually saw how the deer turned away from the lights. We do move the lights about every five days.

The only problem we have now is the fact that we were able to harvest all the peas we planted and are trying to figure out what to do with the share the deer didn't get. Because of your product we will be able to plant less next year, saving us money and a lot of hard work!

J. Veres, Lexington, VA

I have some Nite Guard Solar lights up to repel the deer that were eating all the new growth off my new fruit trees, and it has worked!

K.B. in Milo, MO

I am a landscaper, and have a client who has a deer and rabbit problem beyond anything I’ve ever experienced, plants eaten as if they have been run over with a lawn mower, shrubs defoliated as if they’ve been in a nuclear war! I’ve ordered lights from you twice and love them. So – deer and rabbits beware! Love your lights, they work GREAT for deer if moved regularly.

N. Rich, Bethesda, MD

The best wildlife deterrent from eating my plants ever.  Thank you!

Nick N. Wake Forest, NC

For many years, deer have been winning with our watermelon, cantaloupe, and pumpkins…but now the score has changed. The original Nite Guard Solar® is hands-down the best deer repellent out there. We have used many repellents including powders, sprays, motion-activated sprinklers, everything! There is no contest. Nite Guard Solar is our product of choice!

Roger Wagner
Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota, Crookston

Our 30 acre vineyard is located on the side of a mountain that is also covered with dense forest.  The deer were ruining our crop at several locations, and I was going to put in a deer fence (cost estimate of $30,000).  I saw your ad and decided to try your product first.  I'm afraid the fence installer is going to be disappointed as I have no need for an expensive fence now that I have started using Nite Guard.  We have had no issues with crop loss where we have used your product.  I have just ordered several more so that we can protect our entire vineyard.  Thanks for a great product that really works!

S. Walker, Amity, OR

Just letting you know I am ordering 3 more of your lights after having used our original ones for over 2 years. My husband was skeptical at first, but now is a believer. They really help keep predators away from our ducks and guineas…and deer out of the corn patch. One of them is still flashing even though they have been in constant use and outside through Hurricane Rita. Thanks for a great product!

V. Reynolds, Silsbee, TX

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