Coyote Testimonials

An effective coyote repellent is crucial to the safety of your children, pets, livestock, and chickens. Read reviews below from people who used Nite Guard Solar lights as a coyote deterrent. Find out how using Nite Guard Solar lights gave them peace of mind.

I have deployed my first order of Nite Guard units and ordered six more. I want to thank you for an absolutely outstanding product.

I was initially doubtful as to the effectiveness of your product, but nevertheless placed them about the approximately 20 acre pasture that I use for the saddle horses. Each Nite Guard unit was placed such that its beam interlocked with the beams of each other unit on its flanks, creating a solid wall of visual coverage around the entire perimeter of the pasture. Thus, any predator approaching could not avoid seeing the blinking red light, no matter the direction he came. Given the long identification range of the Nite Guard, this ensured predator coverage on the entire pasture with only four Nite Guard units. I also supplemented the electronic units with three-foot long strips of your reflective tape for day-time protection.  

I set up the units in the morning, including the tape. That afternoon not a coyote, bobcat, or wolf sign could be found, and the dogs did not find scent. That night the entire area was absolutely quiet; no yapping, screaming or howling.

It has been three weeks since the Nite Guard deployment and not a single predator of any kind to be found. I am amazed and very grateful. Coyotes and wolves have been attacking the cattle herd and the home corrals for years, but not now.

Prior to buying your Nite Guard device I had struggled for years with the predator problem. Fifty years ago I could have poisoned or shot them out, but not in today's world. Your device has worked, absolutely.

Alan Baxter, Hereford Arizona

These Lights really stop coyotes. I am very, very, very, happy!

C. Kerr, Mountain ON, Canada

A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to raise and breed heritage chickens. I began to read every book, article, and blog I could get my hands on. I wanted nothing but the best for MY chickens. I was really worried about the fox, coyote, raccoon, and skunks we have on the island. One day I came across an article for Nite Guard Solar lights. I had seen other products that claimed to keep the predators away, but after doing some research, it was Nite Guard I purchased for my first coop. Because chicken keeping is an addiction and i LOVE my chickens, I didn't even hesitate to purchase again when my second and third coops arrived. Since installing Nite Guard Solar lights, I have not seen evidence of a single predator. Thanks Nite Guard!

C. Martin, Prince Edward Island, Canada

We were losing two or three sheep each night to coyotes until we installed the Nite Guard Solar lights.  Since then we have had zero kills.  Thank you for a great product!

Dan & Lorna Wilson

Occasionally in the plethora of new farm/stable products products that come along there is one that truly is revolutionary and useful.  In my geographical area, my farm has been haunted by coyotes which would endanger my mares and foals during their nighttime turnout schedules.  Since I have placed Nite Guard Solar lights in my pastures and paddocks, I have not seen nor heard these predators which could harm my valuable livestock.  I can now rest at night knowing that my pastures are safe.  Many thanks from Equivest Racing for the Nite Guard Solar product.

David Ranson, M.D. Racing Manager for Equivest Racing

We heard coyotes every night until we put up Nite Guard Solar lights.  Now we have not heard them for months.

Gary Fowler in GA

I had 100 head of sheep on 10 acres and lost 40 lambs in one year to coyotes. I quit raising sheep for two years out of frustration until I decided to try Nite Guard on a smaller flock. I was in awe to find it completely protected my animals. Now I am rebuilding my flock with no kills from coytes. It works!!

J. Baker, AR

Absolutely stops coyotes! My neighbors laughed at me when I bought this product. They are not laughing now because the coyotes are starting to go to their rightful place after I installed Nite Guard Solar lights.

J. Fendrick, Windsor, CO

Had coyote problems - not anymore, they work!

J. Ledbetter, Alpine, AL

At first I could not believe that a small flashing light could keep coyotes away from our livestock. But with a little research and after reading some testimonials, I decided to try your product. I installed 2 Nite Guard lights on each side of the house (the main direction the coyotes usually came from). Ten days later, and not one coyote has ventured closer than 300 to 400 feet from the house.

M. Tickle, Paulden, AZ

We put two Nite Guards on our chicken coop about 2 months ago and last night, at around midnight, we witnessed how well it works.  A small group of coyotes came within about 12 feet of the coop and went no further.  They howled and ran around it, but did not approach it.  Thank goodness for Nite Guard because we love our chickens!

Margo Otterstetter in Washington State

I have a family farm almost right in the middle of Hollywood. This is the first time in my entire life that I have not seen a coyote on our property and this farm has been in my family for 130 years! I just can't get over what Nite Guard has done for Paddison Farm. I will definitely be ordering more lights in the future!

R. Scantlebury, Norwalk, CA

I used to have coyotes killing my sheep often. Since installing Nite Guards 4 years ago, I have not lost one animal. These Nite Guards will stop coyotes. I just bought more units for my son who is now raising sheep on his own.

S. Tharp, Overland Park, KS

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