Bird Testimonials

When you need to keep birds like wild turkeys away, you need something that you can depend on, something that actually works. Try Nite Guard Solar lights, which have been proven effective by our team and tens of thousands of customers. Find out what customers have to say about using Nite Guard Solar lights as a wild turkey repellent.

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We have thousands of robins that migrate into our area in the fall and winter to eat the juniper berries. They leave a terrible mess of droppings everywhere. My horse water troughs were a favorite spot for them to drink and contaminate the water with their droppings. I used duct tape to attach the repellent tape strips to the fence pipe near the troughs and it has worked perfectly! It isn't easy to dump troughs and clean them frequently here in the winter. Your product has made my life simpler and given my horses clean, drinkable water. I am confident I will be able to repel the robins from other areas they chose to frequent. Thank you so much for this product!

Neva Parker

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