Deer Testimonials

For many years, deer have been winning with our watermelon, cantaloupe, and pumpkins…but now the score has changed. The original Nite Guard Solar® is hands-down the best deer repellent out there. We have used many repellents including powders, sprays, motion-activated sprinklers, everything! There is no contest. Nite Guard Solar is our product of choice!

Roger Wagner
Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota, Crookston

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Raccoon Testimonials

Last year I lost all my ducks to raccoons, but after placing four of these little gems around the property, I didn't see any kind of critters.  Thank you so much.  I tell everyone about them!

Kathryn K. in AL

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Coyote Testimonials

Occasionally in the plethora of new farm/stable products products that come along there is one that truly is revolutionary and useful.  In my geographical area, my farm has been haunted by coyotes which would endanger my mares and foals during their nighttime turnout schedules.  Since I have placed Nite Guard Solar lights in my pastures and paddocks, I have not seen nor heard these predators which could harm my valuable livestock.  I can now rest at night knowing that my pastures are safe.  Many thanks from Equivest Racing for the Nite Guard Solar product.

David Ranson, M.D. Racing Manager for Equivest Racing

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Owl Testimonials

The number of purple martin hatchlings raised to adults in my houses has increased each year since using Nite Guard Solar lights to protect against owls.  Prior to that there would be years when the entire hatch and adults would be killed.  I set my daughter up with Nite Guard Solar lights also to protect against a huge raccoon problem, they worked there as well.  I believe in this product and would not be without them.

Roger in Quincy, IL

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Fox Testimonials

A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to raise and breed heritage chickens. I began to read every book, article, and blog I could get my hands on. I wanted nothing but the best for MY chickens. I was really worried about the fox, coyote, raccoon, and skunks we have on the island. One day I came across an article for Nite Guard Solar lights. I had seen other products that claimed to keep the predators away, but after doing some research, it was Nite Guard I purchased for my first coop. Because chicken keeping is an addiction and i LOVE my chickens, I didn't even hesitate to purchase again when my second and third coops arrived. Since installing Nite Guard Solar lights, I have not seen evidence of a single predator. Thanks Nite Guard!

C. Martin, Prince Edward Island, Canada

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Bear Testimonials

Earlier this year I ordered four of your Nite Guard Solar lights. I put them up in March - one on each side of my property. I'm happy to tell you that this is the first year, in years, that I have not been bothered by bears! No bobcats or raccoons either. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a predator problem. Thank You!

Mrs. E.B. Jones, Okanogan, WA

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Bird Testimonials

We have thousands of robins that migrate into our area in the fall and winter to eat the juniper berries. They leave a terrible mess of droppings everywhere. My horse water troughs were a favorite spot for them to drink and contaminate the water with their droppings. I used duct tape to attach the repellent tape strips to the fence pipe near the troughs and it has worked perfectly! It isn't easy to dump troughs and clean them frequently here in the winter. Your product has made my life simpler and given my horses clean, drinkable water. I am confident I will be able to repel the robins from other areas they chose to frequent. Thank you so much for this product!

Neva Parker

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Quality & Service Testimonials

We bought four of these units and they work great. My problem was owls and now they don’t come around at all. Also when one of my units stopped working, it was great to have the warranty! Another unit was sent out with no hassle at all. A great company to deal with!

W. Pearce, Reno, NE

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I am writing to let you know about another great use for the Nite Guard. A small store here was about to close their doors because of the door being kicked in at night. I took a Nite Guard to the owner and each night he places this where the flashing red light can be seen. It looks like a security system in place. This has stopped the thieves.

The Kaisers, Benton City, WA

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