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Ellen, British Columbia

I just wanted to say thank you for a great product! Several people have commented on my blinking red light in my driveway at night, but so far they haven’t asked any questions and I don’t volunteer anything either. I don’t know some folks as well as I’d like to. I live in the country and have a slight rise in my driveway and you cannot see if I am home until you drive in about one hundred feet. At night I do not close my gate but no one drives in part way anymore to check if I am home. I feel it is my gain and if they do not read like I do and get the magazines that you place your ads in, I feel it is their loss.

I have told one friend who lives way out farther than I do and he is interested in your product too. We both work the night shift plowing and sanding the highways. I truly hope that this works for a long time before anyone that I am leery of figures it out. Your little lights work from about 4:30 PM until morning, so you have good batteries in these lights. Thanks again.