Solar Powered Predator Protection

The original predator deterrent light, Nite Guard Solar lights harness the power of the sun to reliably and successfully deter nocturnal predators, like raccoon, deer, and coyote. The Nite Guard Solar light features a solar panel that captures light to recharge a battery, which is safely stored inside of the weatherproof device.

Even on an overcast day, or a string of overcast days, the solar panel can recharge the battery for an entire night of use. And even if your target area happens to be in the shade, the Nite Guard Solar's high-quality solar panel ensures that the battery will get recharged. Three to four hours of daylight—from either a shady spot, an overcast sky, or direct sunlight—is all the unit needs.

When the sun begins to set, and the solar panel stops sending power to the battery, the red LED light on the front of the Nite Guard Solar light begins flashing until dawn.

Around dawn, the red LED light stops flashing, and the solar panel once again begins to recharge the battery for another full night of use.

With Nite Guard Solar lights recharging on their own, in addition to turning on and off automatically, employing these predator control lights is a solution that is easy and maintenance-free.

If you are looking to protect your garden, fish pond, bird feeders, chicken coop, livestock, farm, ranch, and any other property from nocturnal predators, install Nite Guard Solar lights today. You can shop for Nite Guard Solar lights on our online shop, or at a retailer near you.

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