Mother Earth Friendly Predator Protection

Mother Earth Friendly predator protection

We have one planet. At Nite Guard, we take this seriously. That's why we designed our predator control light with sustainability in mind. Our product uses solar power, a renewable resource.

In addition to being green, our predator control lights are Mother Earth friendly. When you want to keep animals away without harming them, Nite Guard is the leading choice.

Nite Guard Solar lights feature a high-quality solar panel that recharges a battery. Our product has a life of 3 years; over that 3-year period, you don't have to replace the batteries once. That's smart, sustainable design.

Nite Guard Solar lights offer an effective way to deter predators without physically harming them. You can rest assured that your chicken coop, garden, farm, ranch, and other personal property are safe and secure, and that you aren't hurting predator animals in the process.

Eco-friendly predator control

If green products are an important part of your lifestyle, then you can feel good about making Nite Guard Solar your predator control strategy. As an eco-friendly product, Nite Guard Solar lights will fit right in with your lifestyle choices.

Experience eco-friendly predator protection when you install Nite Guard Solar. You can find our lights on our online shop, or at a retailer near you.

Need help finding a local retailer? Give us a call at 1-800-328-6647, or send us an email, and we'll point you in the right direction.

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