Predator Protection that
Automatically Activates at Dusk

activates at dusk Nite Guard Solar is a predator control device that activates automatically at dusk. This device feature saves you time, and keeps your to-do list clear of another task.

So with that free time in the evenings, linger a little longer over dessert and coffee at the dinner table.

How does Nite Guard Solar activate at dusk?

The Nite Guard Solar device has a sensor that is sensitive to the changes in light quality throughout the day. When outdoor light levels begin to wane at the end of the day, the sensor notes the change, and switches on the Nite Guard Solar device.

Do I have to turn my Nite Guard Solar devices off in the morning?

Absolutely not. Just like they automatically turn on at dusk, our predator deterrent lights automatically turn off each morning.

Also, remember that we recommend keeping your Nite Guard Solar lights activated year-round. There are multiple benefits of doing this.

First, continued operation will promote the life span of your Nite Guard Solar lights.

Second, you can use your lights for another purpose when predator animal activity is quieter. Instead of keeping them installed around your garden or chicken coop, install your Nite Guard Solar lights in your car or business storefront. The flashing red light doesn't just scare away nocturnal predator animals. It has the same effect on human intruders; they'll see the flashing red light, which resembles a security system, and will decide that disturbing your vehicle or business isn't worth getting caught.

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Nite Guard Solar lights also come in handy when you're out in the wild. If you're camping in the backcountry, carry your lights with you, and install them around your campsite to ward off curious animals.

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Interested in protecting your property from nighttime predators?

You can shop for Nite Guard Solar lights on our online shop, or at a retailer near you. Contact us at 1-800-328-6647 for help with finding a Nite Guard retailer in your neighborhood.

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