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Why isn't Nite Guard 100% effective all the time?

By Katie Berning

We sometimes have customers ask us, “We see many positive reviews on your product, but also some bad ones once in a while as well.  Why is this?”

Our answer is simply that yes, sometimes our product doesn’t work.  Wow…that’s pretty honest of us to admit, but that’s what you should expect from a family owned and operated business that stands behind its product.  We have always been up front with our customers about Nite Guard not always being 100% effective.

Why?  Wild animals are wired to stay alive (fight or flight) which makes them unpredictable.  They also are prone to several diseases and having contracted one of them they can act abnormal and fear nothing in their search for food.  Sometimes the flash does not work simply because it does not work…for reasons unknown.  And yet other reasons may be related to user error…such as not having enough lights to protect an area or having the lights positioned incorrectly.

We would venture to say that you wouldn’t find such honesty from other competing products who can’t guarantee their success any more than Nite Guard’s.

What is very clear though, over the 17 years we have been helping people stop night animal problems, is that we continue to have many repeat and referral orders on a daily basis and we have received hundreds of positive testimonials.  We have had customers cry on the phone when describing the horror of losing their pet to a predator and then offer gratitude and thanksgiving when Nite Guard was able to help them and protect their pet.  We know that our product works.

We stand behind our product and take pride in our honesty and excellent customer service.