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What’s a Coywolf?

By Nite Guard LLC

Image: Wikipedia

What’s a coywolf? A coywolf is just what it sounds like, a coyote hybrid that’s a mix of western coyote and eastern wolf. However, coywolf are known to share DNA with the domesticated dog, too. This fusion makes the coywolf a very unique creature.

Still, what’s up for debate is whether the coywolf should be classified as a species all its own.

A Separate Species

In an article about coywolf in the Independent, an online news publisher in the UK, a National Park Service employee weighed in on the species debate. Jonathan Way of the National Park Service argued that “there’s enough morphological and genetic divergence that [the coywolf] should be placed in a class of its own.”

Coyote, Wolf, Dog

Coywolf have characteristics of coyote, wolf, and domesticated canines, a unique blend that has allowed the coywolf population to flourish and grow into the millions.

The coywolf primarily lives in the eastern portion of the US and Canada. And just like coyote, the coywolf has been spotted in the wild and in backyards.

Why are they here?

According to PBS, scientists believe the first coywolf may have come on the scene in 1919 in Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada. At this time, the eastern wolf population suffered as a result of conflict with humans. And with their population in decline, the eastern wolf saw the western coyote as a potential mate.

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