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Using Nite Guard to Protect Rose Garden

By ----Suzanne G.
I love to grow roses and began to have trouble with deer invading and eating the new growth and blooms. I tried many things including soap and stinky sprays. It was quite a chore keeping up with trying different things. I was so happy to hear about [Nite] [G]uard, and I was hopeful that it would work. It was so simple to install. I used a wooden stake and attached four of the [N]ite [G]uard[s] to it. This makes it easy to move around and relocate as needed. This is working for me and I also have the reflective tape. Occasionally I have a problem during the day with hungry deer in the fall eating any buds they can find. I do wish I could find a solution for the day invaders, but it is only in the fall when food is scarce for them. I would recommend the [Nite] [G]uard units to anyone that asked. It has been very helpful.