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Tilly's Nest Giveaway of 4 Nite Guard Solar Lights

By Nite Guard LLC
Tilly's Nest Nite Guard Solar giveawayIn honor of her book release, Melissa Caughey of the popular chicken keeping blog, Tilly's Nest, is giving away a set of Nite Guard Solar lights ― that's 4 of our predator control lights! About her experience using Nite Guard Solar lights, Melissa says, “[f]or years, we have had great success with keeping nocturnal predators at bay from our chicken coop and run by using [Nite Guard Solar].”

Experience the same success at protecting your backyard chicken coop, garden, farm, ranch, vineyard, fish pond, and home from nocturnal predators. Enter to win 4 of our acclaimed Nite Guard Solar lights over on Tilly's Nest.