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Spring & Bears Coming Out of Hibernation

By Nite Guard LLC
deter bears coming out of hibernationSpringtime is here—a time for gardening, preparing the fields, and making plans for the busy months ahead. However, for those of us who live in bear country, springtime plans are sometimes disrupted by hungry bears coming out of hibernation.

Black bears will eat just about anything. In the spring months, bears will often first search for the carcass of an animal that died over the winter. However, if such an easy meal is unavailable, bears may also search your property for easy-to-find edibles, such as bird seed and garbage.

If you enjoy keeping a bird feeder, it is important that each night you store the feeder and any bird seed in a secure location, such as inside of your garage or your house.

The same goes for garbage. First, place garbage in a bear-proof garbage container; for extra security, place your garbage container in your garage, shed, or other locked space.

Keep in mind that the more secure your garbage and other easy-to-find edibles are, the more secure the bear is, too.

How to Keep Bears Away Using Nite Guard Solar

The best way to avoid a confrontation with a bear is to prevent them from stepping onto your property in the first place. You can achieve this by installing Nite Guard Solar predator control lights. The red flashing light of the Nite Guard Solar can be seen from up to .25 miles away, a distance that ensures that a bear lurking on your property's perimeter won't even come near your home.

Nite Guard Solar lights will make the spring season go much smoother for you and your family. Shop for Nite Guard Solar lights on our online shop, or find them at a retailer near you.

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