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Recent South Dakota Coyote Test Proves Successful

By Nite Guard LLC
We recently had several farmers and ranchers from South Dakota participate in a test of our product against their coyote problems. The results were impressive! We believe that there is NOTHING else out there on the market that will STOP coyote problems like our original Nite Guard Solar device will.  Read about a current article that was printed in Best of Farm Show 2012...talking about purchasing PEACE OF MIND from a company that stands behind you offering information, guidance, and support to eliminate your predator problem.

Recent South Dakota Coyote Test Proves Successful

Losing calves, sheep, goats and poultry to night predators will end without harming them and you will be using the sun for power. A recent coyote deterrent test stopped coyote kills on sheep ranches in South Dakota.

Nite Guard Solar®  a solar powered flash of red light that turns on automatically at dusk and off at full daylight was proven to do this. This unique product is currently being used by farmers and ranchers to protect their livestock.

Animal behavior studies have shown that night predators all share a deep fear of flashing lights as they sense them to be another organism, such as man or another animal, and feel threatened. Raccoons, opossum, fox, skunks, bears, cougars and coyotes will leave your area alone – owls and hawks also are repelled by the Nite Guard Solar as well.

Nite Guard Solar is environmentally friendly, using only the sun or daylight to power them.  This product has a range of ½ mile or more, is weather protected, small and compact(3”x3”x2”) will operate to 30 degrees below zero and is protected against rain, snow and ice.

No more electric fencing, no more need for guard dogs or the nasty time consuming job of trapping critters that are killing the livestock you worked so hard to raise. A typical arrangement of four lights will cover many acres as the lights are visible from ½ mile away to a predator.

Nite Guard Solar is not a strobe type light and will not be annoying to you, your neighbors or your own livestock. There are some “knock off” products entering the market that advertise the same results as this product. Nite Guard Solar is the original product backed by extensive customer service.  We are the premium predator control headquarters.

“When you purchase our product you are also purchasing peace of mind that we will stand behind you offering information, guidance and support to eliminate your predator problem” says Jim Meyer  inventor of the Nite Guard Solar®.