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Protect Your Livestock from Coyote using the SUN

By Jim Meyer
Predators can be devastating to livestock producers – most of us know that. Especially at
risk is the open grazing methods of raising animals or poultry.
Coyotes head the top of the list of livestock killers when it involves goats, sheep and
calves on grazing land, although fox, wolves and bear get their licks in too. Poultry and
waterfowl fall victims to raccoon, possums and owls and controlling federally protected
raptors such as owls and hawks is nearly impossible from a legal standpoint.  The
constant battle against all these types of predator problems is complicated and takes up a
lot of valuable time. It’s a given to say predator control attempts can be very discouraging
for people protecting animals using open grazing as a natural method of producing meat
or milk.  Of course, the predator type critter with the bad reputation is just trying to live
his life, like the rest of us.  And a good meal is part of it.

While operating a commercial pheasant raising operation over the past 40 years our
family has learned a lot about the complications of stopping predation.  Many acres of
outside bird raising pens draw the attention of about every predator there is. About 10
years ago our farm was visited by several enforcement people and fined heavily for
attempting to control a large number of great horned owls.  The owls had set up shop in
the pine trees surrounding our 100 acres and were destroying our breeding stock birds
slowly but surely each night – what would anyone do?  We were stunned, embarrassed
and angry by the heavy handed way we were treated (like a drug bust) by these game
wardens and federal game and fish people.  It took a long time to get over that little
chapter of our life.

Our thoughts were: 1. There is something wrong with a system that no longer allows a
property owner to protect their investment and livelihood within the parameters of that
private property. 2. We can’t be the only ones suffering this indignation 3. What can be
done?  Well, you don’t change federal laws overnight, and it’s doubtful one ever can, so
the next best thing was to come up with a way to protect our livestock in a simple way
that would really work and also be affordable.   
After much research we discovered there had been animal behavior studies done in
Europe years earlier showing a flash of light to deter night animals from a given area.  So
we headed out experimenting with many proto-types and after several years of trial and
error we came up with the Nite Guard.  We were doubtful at first, but that was changed
The Nite Guard has become an answer to a livestock producer’s prayer and the light
repelling the animals doesn’t harm them, making it a win/win deal.  With this solar
powered, red flashing light, we have changed the way people approach predator control
and have done it in a simple, affordable way proven beyond a doubt to stop all night
predators in their tracks.  Through much testing with many different climates and
situations we have stopped everything from mink and weasel to black bear with these
lights.  Weather sealed and completely portable without a need for batteries or electricity,
the lights last up to 3 years if left up year around and will work up to -20 below zero.  
The animals perceive the flash of the light to be the eye of another organism (such as a
human), feel threatened and will not come near it.  Mounted 15 to 20 inches off the
ground and approx. 50 feet apart the Nite Guard lights stop all ground predators.  And
four lights mounted 10 feet in the air on a pole, each light facing a different direction,
will stop owl and hawk kills.  Guaranteed!
Sound too good to be true?
Thousands of our customers are currently enjoying the protection of the Nite Guard lights
and many of our new orders come as a result of referrals to their friends and neighbors
from these very satisfied users.  The primary purpose of Nite Guard was to protect all
livestock, poultry and waterfowl from predators, however our customers being the
creative folks they are, found they could use the light as a security system when mounted
strategically around their property.   The flash seen at night gives that very impression.     
Testimonials came pouring in.  People were amazed at how a simple and inexpensive
concept such as a flashing light would stop ALL their predator problems.  No more
trapping, no more fencing of any kind, no more guard dogs and Nite Guard is powered by
sunlight or day light, so no operating expense.  What is left to say except – we guarantee
them to work for you.
Written by Jim Meyer, CEO, Nite Guard, LLC PO Box 274 Princeton MN 55371. Copyright 2007 – 2011, Nite Guard, LLC.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized use of any images, illustrations, descriptions, or article content without written permission is strictly prohibited under copyright law.  Nite Guard Solar is a registered trademark of Nite Guard, LLC.