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Protect Property from Trespassers in the Winter

By Nite Guard LLC
protect your remote cabinAre you ready for winter? How about your property?

During the long winter ahead, protect your property from trespassers. If you’ve shuttered your cabin for the year, and have no plans to return until spring, you know how important it is to keep trespassers away. The same goes for your home and business.

If you’re traveling over the holidays to spend time with loved ones, make sure your home and business are protected. This way, you can focus on enjoying your visit, not thinking up new “what if” scenarios.

So, how can you protect all of these buildings without racking up a big security bill?

Nite Guard Solar lights are an affordable option.

Though most often used to deter animal predators ― like coyote, raccoon, and owl ― some Nite Guard customers were curious about whether Nite Guard Solar lights could keep human trespassers away, too. And from what we’ve heard from our customers, they can.

For example, the Kaiser Family in Benton City, WA wrote us about a business in their town:
I am writing to let you know about another great use for the Nite Guard. A small store here was about to close their doors because of the door being kicked in at night. I took a Nite Guard to the owner and each night he places this where the flashing red light can be seen. It looks like a security system in place. This has stopped the thieves.
And K. Dupree in Moncks Corner, SC had a similar experience using Nite Guard Solar lights:
I had a 10 acre remote piece of property and was plagued with break-ins and trespassers. Since I put up Nite Guard Solar lights, I have not had one incident.

Protect Your Remote Cabin

A remote cabin off the grid isn’t suited for a normal home alarm system. This is where Nite Guard Solar lights can be helpful. Our lights use solar power, so being off grid isn’t an issue. Plus, you can rely on our lights to function from dusk to dawn all on their own, all winter long.

Protect Your Home

Are you planning on traveling over the holidays, visiting family and friends? Enjoy your time with your loved ones without worrying about home security. Install Nite Guard Solar lights, and return to your home just the way you left it.

Protect Your Business

Our lights are also a great option for businesses. If you plan on closing your brick and mortar store over the holidays, Nite Guard Solar is an affordable option for small business owners.

Now’s the time to protect your property. Shop Nite Guard  Solar lights online.

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