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Protect Chickens in Winter

By Katie Berning

Though the weather outside may be wintery and freezing, the cold temperatures do not stop predator animals from hunting for a meal. Coyotes are predators that can be expected to make an appearance year round. With coyotes out and about, on the prowl for their next meal, it is important to fortify your chicken coop and pen for the winter season ahead.

As coyotes are nocturnal hunters, the easiest, most effective, and cost efficient way to prevent coyote attacks on your chicken coop is to install Nite Guard Solar lights. These predator deterrent lights are effective at deterring coyotes, as their flashing red lights mimic the eye of a potential threat. Feeling vulnerable and endangered, the coyote is quickly and easily scared away.

To install the Nite Guard Solar for use in protecting a chicken coop and deterring coyotes, use four Nite Guard Solar lights in a perimeter mount, installing one light on on all four sides of the chicken coop. With a Nite Guard Solar predator deterrent light on all four sides of the chicken coop, no matter the direction from which the coyote approaches the chicken coop, it will be able to see the red flashing light, and be frightened off.

Nite Guard Solar was founded by Jim and Betty Meyer, who own and operate Oakwood Game Farm, Minnesota's largest producer of Chinese Ringneck Pheasant and Chukar Partridge. During their many years of raising game birds at Oakwood Game Farm, the Meyer family has developed an incredible wealth of knowledge on how to protect chickens from predator attacks, especially during the cold Minnesota winters.

Install Nite Guard Solar lights today to protect your chicken coop, and let us know how they are working for you. We look forward to receiving customer feedback. Learn more about how Nite Guard Solar lights work, and find out about how to order these predator deterrent lights, by calling 800-328-6647.

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