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Nite Guard Solar Repels Beavers and Weathers a Storm!

By Nite Guard LLC

Steve was using Nite Guard Solar to keep beavers away, when a Nor'easter blew in. Check out his story!

I purchased two solar Nite Guard lights a couple years ago. I mounted them to a bracket and placed them in front of a culvert pipe that runs under my driveway. Beavers had been plugging the pipe on a nightly basis and it caused my driveway to flood. Once the Nite Guards were set up, no more trouble. A few days ago a Nor' Easter came through and the heavy rains overwhelmed my culvert and swept the Nite Guards away. Four days later, after the water receded, I found the Nite Guards in a small pond downstream. I set the Nite Guards in the sun to dry and that same night they were working as usual. Thanks for making such a great product!

Thanks for sharing, Steve!