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Nite Guard Solar weathers Hurricane Sandy

By Katie Berning
We recently received this email from our customer, Lori, located in Palmerton, PA.

"Hello, I have to share this story of one of our nite guards....Hurricane Sandy dumped one of our nite guards in our pond. Thinking it was lost forever, my husband told me it would float, but we had such bad rain and over flows we just assumed it went in the spill way out to the local river. No! I found it this past Sunday floating in the pond. Took it out and water was in it. Put it on the fence line thinking I would discard it later. That night I went to put the geese in and IT WAS WORKING!!! I still can't believe it. Two weeks in a pond and it dried out and worked. I just had to share this with you. Thank you again....we feel the nite guard is working to protect our flock of ducks, who still will not go in at night."