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Nite Guard Solar protecting chickens from raccoons

By Katie Berning
Here's a recent email from a customer:

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your product!! A couple of months ago I bought 6 baby chicks and once they got big enough put them out in there coop & run. After a couple of nights that they where out there I came home after work to check on them because my boss had just lost some chickens to raccoons and heard a God offal shrieking and when I flashed my flash light saw those beady eyes!! I ran inside and grabbed my niteguard light put it on the coop and haven't had any problems since!! I love your product and praise it highly  it to everyone!! I am going to buy some more just to play it safe! I am also going to try the tape!!

Thanks for such a great product!

Christina Childress

Thanks for sharing Christina!