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Nite Guard Solar important in COYOTE country

By Katie Berning
Now is a great time to have Nite Guard Solar lights in COYOTE country.


As fall approaches, immature coyotes begin dispersing from their den and venturing out to establish home ranges of their own.  These young coyotes, as well as adult coyote, may wander into close contact with humans and livestock in search for food.  The coyote is a opportunist and will eat just about anything.  Data shows that coyote predation on livestock and pets increases in the winter because their primary food source (rodents and other small animals) go into hibernation, which in turn forces them to find other food sources.

How can Nite Guard Solar help?

With that being said, it is extremely important that customers take precautions to ensure the safety of their livestock and pets.  The Nite Guard Solar units need to be placed correctly to enable the predator to see the lights.  Therefore, placement should be 30 inches off the ground for coyote.  Along with placement height, the number of lights is crucial as well.  It is important to remember that predators will circle an area if it knows there is food available.  Therefore, protecting all sides is very important.  Using either a perimeter mount or cluster mount will provide 360-degrees of protection.

If the coyote can see the lights from a distance they will attack the most primal fear of most night animals...that of being discovered.  The flash of light is sensed as a threat and drives the coyote away.

For more placement information, please feel free to contact us.