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Nite Guard Solar’s 6 Product Features

By Nite Guard LLC
Jim and Betty Meyer created Nite Guard Solar to protect their game birds at Oakwood Game Farm. During product development, they made sure that their predator control light included six features. And to this day, those six, unique features are what make Nite Guard the trusted name in predator control.

The Six Product Features

  • Solar powered
  • Safe
  • Weatherproof
  • Auto-activation
  • Mother Earth Friendly
  • Stops intruders

Harnessing a renewable resource

We equipped your Nite Guard Solar devices with durable, high-quality solar panels. Harnessing solar power means that your predator lights are a sustainable device; you can feel good about what’s powering your predator protection. Plus, whether the day be cloudy and overcast or sunny without a cloud in the sky, your devices will reliably recharge.

Safety is key

In the past, you may have opted against a certain predator control product, since it wasn’t safe for your family, pets, and livestock. You don’t have to have these safety concerns with Nite Guard Solar lights. The device uses a flashing red light to scare away predators; there aren’t any harmful chemicals or traps. So, you can set up your lights knowing that they’ll effectively deter predators, while causing no harm to your family, pets, and livestock.

Bring on the rain!

We understand that you need predator protection in sunshine, rain, snow, howling winds, lightning storms, extreme heat, extreme cold, and anything else that Mother Nature can throw at you. That’s why our predator control lights have a weatherproof seal. Your devices can operate during a nighttime rainstorm, or recharge amidst a daytime blizzard. We assure you that they’ll come out of it working just as well as when you first installed them!

Automatic activation

We know that you have a milelong to-do list. Keeping one task off of it is a blessing. Switching your Nite Guard Solar lights on and off can stay off your list. These lights automatically activate at dusk, and turn off—and begin recharging—at the first sign of light.

Mother Earth Friendly

Nite Guard Solar lights are Mother Earth Friendly. What does that mean? Two things. First, they recharge by using a renewable energy source—the sun. Second, these devices are kind to predator animals. In no way do they physically harm nocturnal predators by trapping or lethally injuring them. Nite Guard Solar is the top choice in humane predator control.

An alternative use

Did you know that Nite Guard Solar lights do more than stop predator animals? With these lights, you can protect your home, vehicles, business, remote cabin, and any other property. Mimicry is the key here, since the device’s flashing red light mimics a security system. That red light can be instrumental in making an intruder think twice about disturbing your property.

We hope that you find these six product features helpful in protecting your property. Let us know how it goes.

Which product feature is your favorite?
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