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Nite Guard Repellent Tape ON SALE!

By Nite Guard LLC
Stop your daytime predator problems. We're proud to offer you a special, discounted price on our Repellent Tape!

Discount details

Nite Guard Repellent Tape

Get 1 roll (100 feet of tape) for $14.95, a 25% discount; or get 2 rolls (200 feet of tape) for $20.95, a 30% discount.


We’ve made an update to Nite Guard Repellent Tape that involves using a different sized core, so that the entire product is more compact, which ultimately, saves you space. In addition to saving space, you can feel good about purchasing a product that uses less packaging in an effort to be environmentally-friendly.

Though our Repellent Tape has a new look, you can still expect the same high quality tape with 100 feet per roll.

This picture will you give a better idea of the update.

Nite Guard Repellent Tape old and new

So, despite being more compact, our Repellent Tape remains the same as an effective daytime predator deterrent.

Need to deter deer, birds, coyote, and other curious creatures?

Nite Guard’s Repellent Tape is your solution.

Why our Repellent Tape?

Our Repellent Tape scares away animals using three key product features – light, motion, and noise.


Harnessing reflective light is an easy, effective, and humane way to deter birds, deer, coyote, and other animals. Our heavy-duty Repellent Tape uses an extra-wide, iridescent material that produces bright flashes.

The more bright flashes, the better to scare away curious animals. That’s why we use a holographic bullseye pattern on the tape’s entire Mylar surface – front and back. The bullseye pattern maximizes light output.


Now, imagine these bright flashes in motion. A curious animal won’t know what to think! They’ll become bewildered. They’ll fear that a predator is near. For an animal, staying alive is more important than disturbing your property, so they immediately make themselves scarce.


To light and motion, we add noise – a loud, crackling noise, to be exact. Just like unexpected flashes of light, unexpected noise catches a curious animal off guard. Feeling vulnerable, an animal chooses safety, and scurries away, leaving your property unharmed.

Do you need this level of protection?

Get the leading daytime animal deterrent, Nite Guard Repellent Tape, and get it now at a discounted price.

You can shop for our Repellent Tape, as well as another customer favorite, our Nite Guard Solar lights, on our online shop.

And now that it’s November, we’re practically at the start of the holiday season. Can you think of a loved one who could benefit from daytime animal protection? If so, our Repellent Tape makes a perfect holiday gift! Get started early on your holiday shopping!.

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