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Massachusetts Fighting Back Against Deer

By Nite Guard LLC
We all know that deer can be a pesky problem this time of year. They are beautiful creatures...but not so beautiful when we see them destroying our gardens and flowerbeds.

Laurie Harrison of Norfolk, MA is taking back control by using the Nite Guard Solar® units. Laurie writes, "These Nite Guards are great. We love them. They stopped our deer problems entirely."

We hear these success stories often this time of year for deer. It is important to remember that with deer, proper placement is essential. Generally, four light mounted on a single post (facing north, south, east, and west) is the BEST placement option for deer. Of course there are some circumstances where this is not the best option, and we are happy to assist you individually with your specific situation. You can just give one of our predator control experts here at Nite Guard, LLC a call. No matter HOW you mount them for deer, however, it is imperative that you MOVE the lights about once a week to ensure that they do not "pattern" the lights. Deer have become so domesticated and are highly intelligent, and they can get used to the lights if they are not moved regularly. Deer are the ONLY animal that we have to move the lights for. Happy Gardening and Growing...deer-free!