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Longevity of lights keeps customers happy

By Nite Guard LLC
We continually work at advancing the science behind the product here at Nite Guard, LLC. You will notice soon on all Nite Guard Solar® units being sent out that we now have our logo stamped on the front of them, and our contact information stamped on the back of them.

These are "noticeable" changes...but we are always working on changes on the internal parts of the unit as well...changes that make them even more weatherproof, clean and green, and long-lasting. Our newest models of Nite Guard Solar® units have an average life of 3-4 years!

Today I received an email reminding me of the importance of the longevity of the units in the customers' eyes. Geri Spieler, of Palo Alto, CA, writes, "Hi Nite Guard Folks! Good news! Some of my lights have lasted five years! I finally did an inventory which was long overdue. I've honestly gotten lazy at checking the lights as they work so well. However, I saw a raccoon outside and decided I better review my lights to make sure it would stay away from my chicken yard area. The results have been amazing all these years and I'm now just replacing 3 out of 20! Thanks again. You have kept my "girls" good and safe for years."

Geri is a terrific customer of ours. She is even shown on our website on the video talking about the success she has had over many years with our product giving her full protection. Check out the video yourself and "hear" in Geri's voice just how satisfied she is. Thank you, Geri!

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