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Lights & Tape a Lifesaver

By ----Cheri C.
Cheri's ducksI have kept chickens and ducks for over 6 years. I was having land and air predator trouble! Land predators included foxes, opossums, and coyotes. Air predators included hawks and owls. It was so bad that last December I sold all my birds except my son’s 4-H birds which are kept in an enclose[d] coop and run. I found the Nite Guard site about that same time and ordered 2 lights and 2 rolls of tape. As soon as they arrived I installed the lights and tape. I have had no problems. No land or air attacks since Dec 2015!! WhooHoo! In March I bought some new ducks and incubated some chicks. Things seem to be working out great since I found and installed the Nite Guard products. I thank you and my birds thank you! Truly a life saver!