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Introducing the Fresh Eggs Daily TV Show

By Nite Guard LLC
Fresh Eggs Daily with Lisa SteeleLisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily has a TV show! Lisa has always given helpful advice on Facebook and her blog, but now you get that same helpful advice by video. Check out her latest episode on OurMaine about how to raise happy, healthy chicks, plus how to transition chicks from the brooder to outdoor living.

Midway through episode 2, we make an appearance! Nite Guard is a proud sponsor of Lisa’s show, and we’re happy Nite Guard Solar lights reliably protect her happy hens night after night.

Watch Fresh Eggs Daily episode 2 from the beginning:

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Start protecting your chicken coop with Nite Guard Solar lights. As Lisa mentions in her show, Nite Guard Solar lights deter deer and raccoon from her garden, and they protect her chicken coop night after night.

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