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How to Protect Chickens from Coyotes Using Nite Guard Solar

By Katie Berning

With another autumn season on the horizon, Nite Guard Solar is preparing for the increase in coyote activity. As producers of pheasant and chukar partridge, a type of poultry, Oakwood Game Farm, Nite Guard Solar understands the importance that our predator deterrent plays in completely preventing coyote attacks.

In an informative post from last fall, Nite Guard Solar described how effective the flash of red light is at protecting chickens from coyotes in a safe and environmentally friendly way. To summarize from this post, what matters most when employing the Nite Guard Solar lights for coyotes is the height of the lights and protecting all four directions where your chickens are located.

Nite Guard Solar installation instructions for coyotes involves placing the lights 20 – 30 inches off the ground using either the cluster mount or perimeter mount. To install Nite Guard Solar lights using the cluster mount, place four Nite Guard Solar lights on each face of a post, remembering to keep the lights at a minimum height of 20 inches. For the perimeter mount, take four Nite Guard Solar lights, and mount them onto the four sides of the chicken coop.

Using one of these recommended mounting methods ensures that a coyote sees the flashing red light from all directions, and is scared off by this threat.

Nite Guard Solar users can rely upon our predator deterrent year round to protect poultry from coyotes. In addition to the ease of mounting the Nite Guard Solar lights, these predators deterrents  can be visible to predators a half mile away and are completely weatherproof. Furthermore, the lights are powered by the sun, so they do not require battery replacement, and they can even recharge in overcast conditions. Each of these design features makes the Nite Guard Solar a highly reliable product.

Using Nite Guard Solar lights to repel coyotes is a proven method of keeping chickens safe. Our customers have reported to us again and again about having experienced much success when using the Nite Guard Solar lights.

For more information about how to use the Nite Guard Solar lights to safeguard poultry from coyote attacks, contact Nite Guard Solar by calling 1-800-328-6647 or by sending an email to info@niteguard.com.