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How to Help Nesting Birds

By Nite Guard LLC

how to help nesting birdsSpringtime is building season for birds. As the days get warmer and grow long, birds are busy building homes for offspring. Want to help out the birds nesting in your backyard? Do these two simple things.

Hardware Store

The spring means nest building for most birds. Make your yard into their temporary hardware store by laying out nest building material. Birds like to use string and hair. Cut string into 2” strands, and place a handful or two with a bunch of your pet’s hair in a clear area in the yard.

Around the Clock Protection

Protect nesting birds day and night with Nite Guard Repellent Tape and Nite Guard Solar lights. The family cat and stray, feral cats pose daytime threats to nesting birds; and raccoon and coyote are nocturnal threats to nesting birds. You can deter animal predators around the clock with our bright flash tape and predator lights.

You can rely on Nite Guard Repellent Tape as an effective feral cat deterrent. The same goes for Nite Guard Solar lights, and keeping away raccoon and coyote.

Shop Online

We make it easy to protect the birds seeking refuge in your yard. Right now, you can shop online for Nite Guard Repellent Tape and Nite Guard Solar lights.

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