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How to Deter Owls with Nite Guard Solar

By Katie Berning

When it comes to outdoor security lighting ideas on how to deter owls, the team at Nite Guard Solar has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Nite Guard has developed a safe, effective, and environmental way to protect rabbits, purple martins, geese, and chickens from night predators like owls. Since deterring night predators of all kinds is our specialty, we have created a product, the Nite Guard Solar, and a way to install our signature outdoor security lights, so that it has become the only product available to effectively deter owls.

When installing the Nite Guard Solar lights, we highly recommend following the installation instructions that are customized to combat different night predators. Quite often, Nite Guard Solar users have installed the lights in such a way that reduces their effectiveness. When installed properly, we are confident that the Nite Guard Solar lights will successfully resolve a night predator problem.

To protect chickens from owls, Nite Guard Solar recommends using the cluster mount when installing these outdoor security lights. The cluster mount involves using a post 10 – 14 feet tall. On this post, mount four Nite Guard Solar lights on each face of the post near the top. The reason for mounting the Nite Guard Solar lights near the top of the post is to ensure that the lights are in or near the direct sight line of an owl perched in a tree. Mounting the lights in this manner ensures that the owl sees the lights, and is frightened away due to their aggressive presence and proximity.

In addition to using the Nite Guard Solar lights to protect chickens, these lights have also proven highly effective at protecting purple martins from owls. Installation instructions for purple martin protection entails placing the lights on top of the martins' house. The lights can be mounted directly onto the house or mounted on a one foot tall post above house.

Here at Nite Guard Solar, we understand the importance of protecting personal property from night predators, which is why we have put so much time and effort into exploring outdoor security lighting ideas. For more information about how Nite Guard Solar can help protect chickens, purple martins, and other small animals from owl attacks, contact Nite Guard Solar by calling 1-800-328-6647 or by sending an email to info@niteguard.com.