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How Do Nite Guard Solar Lights Work?

By Katie Berning

With their simple and compact design, Nite Guard Solar lights are easy to install, require no maintenance, and are an effective safe environmental solution to protecting your chicken coop, vegetable and flower gardens, livestock, or property. If animals have turned your flower beds into a buffet or have threatened the safety of poultry and livestock, Nite Guard Solar lights frighten away most nighttime predators, from deer, fox, and bear to mountain lion, owl, and coyote. An added bonus is their ability to appear as a security system against human intruders.

The video below demonstrates just how bright Nite Guard Solar lights are. Their flashing red light can be seen from 1/2 mile away meaning predators do not even get near precious flower beds or backyard chicken coops.

Furthermore, as documented in this short instructional video, our predator deterrent lights are completely weatherproof. With their first-rate construction and highly-durable materials, Nite Guard Solar lights can withstand complete submersion in water, and temperatures of -25 degrees and below. No matter the weather conditions, once installed, Nite Guard Solar lights are reliable, and will continue to flash their aggressive red lights dusk to dawn, all night and every night for years.