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Guess the Predator: Round Two

By Katie Berning

Last month, we presented the first post in our summer blog series, “Guess the Predator”. If you missed the first post, you can catch up by reading it here. The team at Nite Guard Solar started this blog series in an effort to sharpen predator identification skills.

There is extensive evidence that Nite Guard Solar lights repel all night predator animals. Even so, our lights are at their most effective when properly installed. Thus, it is important to understand which predator is preying on your property, so that you can get the most from Nite Guard Solar lights.

Now, for the big reveal! In May, we asked you to identify a nocturnal hunter who preys on all kinds of plants and animals, and has a distinctive five-toed track. Were you able to identify the predator? If you guessed raccoon, then you guessed correctly.

Virtually indiscriminate in their food choices, raccoon will prey on anything from the juicy corn in your fields to the eggs in your hen house. If the raccoon sounds like the predator that has been paying nightly visits to your garden or chicken coop, then try Nite Guard Solar.

Read stories from loyal Nite Guard Solar customers who have used our predator deterrent lights to successfully deter raccoon.

Guess June's Predator

This month's predator is a carnivore, and preys on rabbits, hares, small rodents, poultry, birds, insects, and fish. This predator attacks its prey by biting it on the throat and/or back. Because of its hunting style, one sign that this predator has paid a visit is blood on the ground and sometimes a trail of feathers.

When raiding a chicken coop, this predator will break open eggs, and consume their contents, in addition to attacking the chickens.

This predator has a distinctive way of preying on chickens. Evidence that June's predator has visited a chicken coop are chickens whose legs and breasts have been completely consumed, with the remaining appendages scattered around the yard. This predator also partially buries the remains of its prey.

As for its tracks, this predator has a footprint very similar to that of a dog's, but its print is a bit narrower with a simpler heel pad shape.

Can you guess the predator?

In the comments, we invite you to guess June's predator. And stay tuned to our blog all summer long because next month we will announce June's predator.

For more information about how Nite Guard Solar can help solve your predator troubles, contact us by phone at 1-800-328-6647, or send us an email.