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Guess the Predator: Round Three

By Katie Berning

First off, thank you to everyone who has been participating in our Guess the Predator blog series this summer. We hope that you are having as much fun reading our clues and sharing your guesses, as we are creating this blog series for you and receiving your comments.

Now that it is July, we are halfway through the Guess the Predator blog series, leaving you with two more opportunities to participate by submitting your guess on the Nite Guard Solar Facebook page. If you would like to start from the beginning, you can read our first blog post and second blog post in the series on the Nite Guard Solar blog.

And if you are all caught up with the previous two blog posts, then get ready to find out June's predator!

In June, we received three dozen guesses, and among them were owl, raccoon, coyote, bobcat, ferret, skunk, and bear. If after reading the clues, you guessed fox, then you guessed correctly! Congratulations on possessing such superb predator identification skills!

Read testimonials from Nite Guard Solar customers, and learn what they have to say about using our predator deterrent lights to keep fox away from chickens, turkeys, and farms.

Guess July's Predator

July's predator may venture onto a property looking to make a meal of livestock and poultry, and to wash the meal down with water from a punctured plastic pipe or a juicy melon ripening in the garden. Though this predator preys on livestock and poultry, it is also known to hunt for big game, rodents, and wild birds. Because our sister company, Oakwood Game Farm, raises game birds, the farm always has Nite Guard Solar lights installed to ward off the predator in question.

The kill style of July's predator is similar to that of June's, as this predator prefers to attack its prey with a bite to the throat. Further signs that this predator has made an attack are wounds present on the flank, hindquarters, and/or front shoulders, especially on younger prey.

July's predator leaves behind tracks that look similar to those of a dog. However, a way to distinguish between the tracks of July's predator and those of a domestic dog are that July's predator leaves an ovally, compact print.

Have you ever encountered July's predator? If these clues sound familiar, then leave your guess on the Nite Guard Solar Facebook page.

Guess this month's predator correctly, and you will be entered into our contest to win a set of Nite Guard Solar lights. If you are the lucky winner, you will have the opportunity to see first-hand how our predator deterrent lights effectively ward off attacks from all kinds of nocturnal hunters.

Visit Nite Guard Solar on Facebook for a chance to win: http://nite-guard.pgtb.me/gnlTQZ

Find out how Nite Guard Solar lights have helped many of our customers deter all kinds of predators. Contact the Nite Guard Solar team for more information about our predator deterrent lights. You can reach Nite Guard Solar by phone at 1-800-328-6647, or you can send us an email. We look forward to discussing our lights and predator deterring strategies with you!