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Guess the Predator: Round Four

By Katie Berning

The Nite Guard Solar team is excited to see that so many of you are participating in our Guess the Predator blog series this summer. We have had a blast putting together this participatory blog series for you, and reading your responses. Thank you for joining in on all of the fun with us!

If you have been following along, then you know that August marks the final installment of our Guess the Predator blog series. Check out the Nite Guard Solar blog to catch up on the other three posts in the series.

By reading these blog posts, we hope that you have learned a little bit more about predators, the kinds of foods that they like to eat, their various kill styles, and how to identify their tracks. Also, as this blog series does not cover the entire spectrum of predators that can be effectively deterred with our Nite Guard Solar lights, feel free to contact the Nite Guard Solar team for assistance in identifying the predator who is paying visits to your property.

In July, we introduced a new predator, one that preys on just about everything from livestock to poultry to turkeys to gardens. If the clues pointed you in the direction of the coyote, then you guessed correctly. The coyote, like many nocturnal hunters, is fairly indiscriminate in its pursuit of sustenance, and is known to prey on all kinds of flora and fauna.

Discover how Nite Guard Solar predator deterrent lights have helped our customers effectively protect their property from coyote by reading what they have to say in our customer testimonials section.