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Guess the Predator

By Katie Berning

Since many predators attack under the cover of night, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out which predator is threatening personal property, whether that be a vegetable garden, a chicken coop, or a herd of cattle. Nite Guard Solar provides gardeners, farmers, ranchers, and others with an effective solution that eradicates all types of predator troubles. Still, in order to get the most of Nite Guard Solar lights, it is important to be able to identify one predator from another in order to properly install these lights for a specific animal.

This summer, Nite Guard Solar invites you to sharpen your predator identification skills. Guess the predator based on clues, such as characteristic behavior, kill patterns, and track descriptions.

Guess the Predator

This month's predator preys on a wide variety of plants and animals ranging from corn and melons to small lambs and poultry. In fact, it is a seemingly endless list of things that attract this nocturnal hunter. Owners of  chicken coops that have been preyed upon by this predator have observed that it is common to lose one or more chickens in a single attack.

In its assault on a chicken, this predator tears and chews the breast and crop, and it may consume the chicken's entrails. Chicken coop owners have also observed missing eggs, as this predator pilfers them for future consumption.

This predator's track is very distinctive with its five-toed impression that looks like a miniature human handprint. Most often, this predator's tracks appear in pairs, for example, that of a fore foot paired with the opposite hind foot.

Can you guess the predator?

In the comments, we welcome your best guess at May's predator. We will announce May's predator in a June blog post. Look for more chances to guess the predator this summer with Nite Guard Solar.