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Fox Runs Away with Prize Hen

By ----Robyn C.

I have a problem with fox, coyote, raccoon and skunks. I have put up elaborate expensive fences, electric fences and all kinds of traps. One night I caught a fox running through my back yard with my prize hen in its mouth. I chased the fox on foot to the fence line [where] it breezed over [the] chain link fence with electric wire over [the] top and bottom! It was a miracle but it let the hen loose and besides [losing] some feathers and being scared badly she was ok.

I ordered 4 [N]ite [G]uards the next day. They were shipped to my house in just a couple days[. I] was impressed by that. I have had them around [the] chicken coop ever since and have never lost a hen. I recently built another barn for peeps and need 4 more [N]ite [G]uards. Hope to win!!!