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Electric Fencing vs. Nite Guard Solar Lights

By ----Michael P.

In preventing predation on my flocks of ducks and geese from raccoons, foxes and coyotes, since I discovered Nite Guard two years ago I've found the small flashing red units to be enormously superior to electric fencing, even solar powered electric fencing, for many reasons. It's obvious the ease of installation, much lower cost, and much less maintenance are advantages.

Plus electric fencing can often be defeated by the thick fur of predators, who will also seek places to dig under or squirm through. Raccoons are great climbers and foxes can also climb, and both can get through surprisingly narrow openings. Coyotes can jump a six-foot fence. All of those strategies of hungry predators are deterred by Nite Guard. Furthermore, with an electric fence, there is always the chance of shocking an unintended victim.