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Do YOU Feel Secure?

By Katie Berning
Security is a peace of mind. When we feel that our homes, property, valuables, and loved ones appear and/or are secure...we are more relaxed and confident. Did you know that many people use Nite Guard Solar® as part of their overall security plan for their home and property? Well, they do! Every day we receive calls from customers who are thrilled with how the Nite Guard Solar® light "appears" to be a security system in place against HUMAN intruders. The continuous flash of the red light "appears" to the human that they are "being watched". Much like the same instinctual fear that nocturnal predators have, humans also sense that fear and choose not to take a chance bothering the home or property.

We have seen a huge growth in the number of lights that are sold strictly for security purposes...being used at both primary properties and vacation properties. In fact, because of the increasing need for home security in the Phoenix, AZ area, Nite Guard Solar® is being used there in many of the hundreds of complex areas such as Apache Wells. This scenario is true all over the country...Nite Guard Solar® lights are an affordable, convenient, and maintenance-free option for helping YOU feel more secure.