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Did You Correctly Guess August's Predator?

By Katie Berning

With Labor Day having come and gone, our Guess the Predator summer blog series has officially come to a close. We would like to thank all of you who took the time to read the blog posts, sharpen your predator identification skills, and submit your best guess at the month's predator.

In August, we introduced a ferocious predator, who can easily take down large prey, such as elk, moose, and livestock. In our clues, we mentioned that this predator has a footprint similar to the domestic dog's, but is considerably larger.

This footprint clue was the giveaway that August's predator is the wolf.

If you guessed wolf, and submitted your guess on the Nite Guard Solar Facebook page, then you were entered into our August contest to win a set of Nite Guard Solar lights. We announced on our Facebook page that the winner of August's contest is Rudy T.

Congratulations Rudy on guessing August's predator, and on winning a set of our predator deterrent lights!

Though the Guess the Predator blog series may be over, you can still get the best tips on deterring predators on the Nite Guard Solar blog.

Have questions about a predator that may be causing trouble on your property? Contact the Nite Guard Solar team for assistance with identifying your predator, and for predator specific instructions on how to properly install Nite Guard Solar lights.

Contact Nite Guard Solar by phone at 1-800-328-6647, or by sending us an email. We look forward to answering your predator questions.