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Customer Experience: Keep Coyotes Away, Protect Horses

By Nite Guard LLC

Hereford, AZ from Miller CanyonImage of Hereford, AZ from Miller Canyon. Photo taken by Steven Williamson.

In August, Alan B., a customer living in Hereford, AZ, used 4 Nite Guard Solar lights to protect his saddle horses from coyote and wolves in a 20 acre pasture. Alan drew from his military experience when installing his predator lights, and his unique installation successfully deterred the large predator animals preying on his horses.

Read about Alan’s experience below.

Protecting Horses from Coyote and Wolves in Arizona

Hello Jim,

This is Alan B., Hereford Arizona.

I have deployed my first order of Nite Guard units and ordered six more. I want to thank you for an absolutely outstanding product.

I have never before endorsed a product nor bothered with a follow-up to any manufacturer, but I wish to do so with Nite Guard.

I was initially doubtful as to the effectiveness of your product, but nevertheless placed them about the approximately 20 acre pasture that I use for the saddle horses. I used a technique learned in the infantry, which is to secure the perimeter in such a way as to deny any approach without discovery. This is called interlocking fire and observation. Each Nite Guard unit was placed such that its beam interlocked with the beams of each other unit on its flanks, creating a solid wall of visual coverage around the entire perimeter of the pasture. Thus, any predator approaching could not avoid seeing the flashing red light, no matter the direction he came. Given the long identification range of the Nite Guard, this ensured predator coverage on the entire pasture with only four Nite Guard units. I also supplemented the electronic units with three-foot long strips of your reflective tape for daytime protection.

I set up the units in the morning, including the tape. That afternoon not a coyote, bobcat, or wolf sign could be found, and the dogs did not find scent. That night the entire area was absolutely quiet; no yapping, screaming or howling.

It has been three weeks since the Nite Guard deployment and not a single predator of any kind to be found. I am amazed and very grateful. Coyotes and wolves have been attacking the cattle herd and the home corrals for years, but not now.

I am beginning a program to place your units throughout the 13 section range to protect the cattle. Prior to buying your Nite Guard device I had struggled for years with the predator problem. Fifty years ago I could have poisoned or shot them out, but not in today's world. Your device has worked, absolutely.

If you ever decide to design a new truck, please let me know.

If you would like to use me as a reference, I would be only too happy to comply. Thanks for solving a previously impossible situation.

— Alan B.

Thank you, Alan! We enjoyed hearing about your unique, military-inspired installation! And if we do ever design a truck, we’ll be the first to let you know. Though, for now, we’re sticking to our expertise ― developing products that successfully deter predators and help people like you protect their property.

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