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Coyote No Longer Attack Sheep

By ----Gail N.

Shawn and I were away for a daughter's wedding in Jamaica and on returning we found a coyote had been attacking our sheep. We could see the path from the back of the farm he was taking to get into the yard from the south. I had talked to a neighbor and he lent me his [Nite Guard] lite and I attached it to a fence post facing the direction the coyote had been coming from.

I went to the barn later that night to wait for him and when he came he did not come in from the direction the light was facing but rather from the east where he could not see the light. We have [since] purchased numerous [Nite Guard] lites and since installing them in Jan 2014 we have not had a coyote problem even though we can hear them howling all around us.

Thanks [Nite Guard].