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Coyote and the Family Pet

By Nite Guard LLC
Coyote are not only a threat to poultry and livestock, but they are becoming increasingly more of a problem to the family pet in many urban neighborhoods. We speak with people all over the nation who have very real and valid concerns about the threat of coyote (as well as other predators) to their cats and dogs. The Nite Guard Solar units can help keep your pets safe from dusk through dawn...the times with the highest incidence of kills by nocturnal predators.

Check out the news footage as well as the LIVE security camera feeds of a coyote in FL hunting down a family cat...
There are alot of good tips at the end of the video on how to help protect YOUR family pets from predators...and don't forget that our Nite Guard Solar is another great option!!

Watch A Video Here

Spokane Video Another Urban Coyote Attack