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Call for Photos: Your Nite Guard Installations

By Katie Berning
Nite Guard call for photosThis summer, we want to see how you use Nite Guard Solar lights and Nite Guard Repellent Tape on your property. Do you use your tape and lights to protect a backyard chicken coop, a garden, a remote cabin, a vehicle, or a place of business? Whatever you protect, we want to see it!

Send us your photos, and we’ll feature our favorites on our blog!

We’re sending out this “call for photos” because we believe that your snapshots will help the Nite Guard community. Perhaps seeing how one person installs their lights to protect their farm, fish pond, or vineyard will get you thinking about how you can improve your predator protection strategy.

We look forward to viewing your tape and light photos! [Update 8/26/2016: Thank you for your interest in our call for photos. At this time, we're no longer accepting submissions.]

Don’t have any Repellent Tape or lights to photograph? You can shop for them online here: http://shop.niteguard.com/