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Animal Safety During Lambing & Calving Season

By Katie Berning

What is oftentimes an exhausting, albeit highly rewarding, part of farm life, lambing and calving season is in full swing at ranches and farms across the U.S. During this season, keeping watch over birthing and newly born animals is of the highest priority. With the focus primarily on a successful birthing process, time allotted towards establishing a safe farm environment free of predators, though of incredible importance, may be in short supply. This is where Nite Guard Solar lights can provide much needed assistance to sleep deprived ranchers.

Nite Guard Solar lights have been proven effective time and again at deterring predators, including the protection of young animals from coyotes. Invented by Jim Meyer, a Minnesota rancher, recognized the need for a solar powered, weatherproof and environmentally friendly product that would successfully deter predators and do so in an affordable way. Nite Guard Solar emits a specially engineered red flash of light, which to a predator appears to be the eye of a threatening animal. This threat triggers a predator’s instincts of self preservation that will drive them to seek safety over competition and possible injury. Predators quickly flee the area, having been effectively scared away by Nite Guard Solar's red flash.

Nite Guard also has proven itself in the protection of horses from coyote and mountain lion which could attack them or stampede them into fencing causing serious injuries.

If you have been struggling with a predator problem during this lambing and calving season, the team at Nite Guard Solar encourages you to try using our lights. After installing them, let us know how it goes. We love hearing about how Nite Guard Solar lights have worked for our customers!

Contact Nite Guard Solar by phone at 1-800-328-6647, or send us an email.