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All Night Predators Share the Same Deep Rooted Fear

By Jim Meyer
Owls, coyote, raccoon, bobcat, wolf, bear and deer; virtually all night animals share one single thing in common: The fear of being watched. To night animals this sense of being observed by another animal or man creates a huge threat and they will flee an area where they sense this is being done. An animal that hunts or feeds at night will not remain in an area where it feels it has been discovered.

Years ago scientific studies were conducted in Austria in an attempt to find a solution to the many deer/car accidents that occur each year. Although a reliable system was not realized at that time, I found the entire process interesting. The studies, conducted in Europe, concluded two important things; that red was a universal alarm color to animals and that a form of flashing red light implied to night animals a sense of being watched. Although this was somewhat contradictory to the long time assumption that some animals were color blind – the tests clearly revealed that night animals would shrink back from the color red, particularly if presented in the form of a flash.

Using the information from the European tests and conducting studies and tests of our own, we discovered that not only deer would flee an area where the red flash occurred, but all night animals reacted the same way. Over the next several years we went on to develop a device called Nite Guard, a solar powered, completely weatherproof unit that was small and portable and available at a reasonable cost to a consumer.

Since 1998, the Nite Guard Company has tested and improved this remarkable device to the level where it is completely guaranteed to stop all night predator problems while being solidly weatherproof against all elements. When hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans a few years ago, the people using Nite Guard units to protect poultry and livestock in that area were amazed to find their units continuing to flash, many of them while underwater. They further discovered if they placed the units near their property it protected them against the looting that was taking place, as intruders perceived them to be security systems in place. A secondary benefit they were thankful for.

Protecting poultry, livestock and gardens from night predators has, in the past, been a full time job - if one wants to do it right. Nite Guard has reduced that to the simple task of installing enough units to protect all four directions of the area in question (a 30 minute effort) and then enjoy the total protection. No more sprays, powders, motion sprinklers, radios playing, traps and snares nor sitting up all night with a shotgun; light sensitive Nite Guard produces a red flash that turns on automatically at dusk and off at full daylight. It will last three years or more if used 24/7 and uses the sun or daylight to power itself through a high quality solar panel. No batteries, no electricity.

At a time in our history where night animals and raptors often times are protected to a point of it being ridiculous, while poultry, livestock and crops suffer through predation and over grazing, Nite Guard offers the control needed with absolutely no harm to the predator.

Having owned and operated a commercial game bird raising facility for over 40 years, I have fought, and mostly lost, the battle with predators killing my birds for more years than I care to remember. Owls were one of the worst killers of pheasants – not any more. After I invented Nite Guard, for the first time I had an easy and totally effective system that was legal and affordable. You can have that peace of mind too.

Jim Meyer is the owner and founder of the Nite Guard. In addition to his company Nite Guard, LLC, Meyer has operated a commercial pheasant raising facility in east central Minnesota for over 40 years. He has written many articles on the subject of game production and predator control.

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