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A New Solution for an Old Problem: Using Nite Guard Solar

By Jim Meyer
Losing calves, sheep, goats and poultry to night predators will end without harming them, using a flashing light – guaranteed! Nite Guard is that solar powered, flashing red light and it turns on and off automatically each night and morning - and it totally repels night predators. Almost sounds too good to be true, however, this unique product is currently being used by thousands of farmers and ranchers to protect their livestock.

Animal behavior studies have shown that all night predators share a common fear of flashing lights as they perceive them to be another organism, such as man or another animal, and feel threatened. Raccoons, opossum, fox, skunk, bear, cougar and coyote will leave your area alone – owls and hawks also are repelled by the Nite Guard light as well - the results are amazing.  Environmentally friendly, using only the sun or daylight to power them, this unit is weather sealed, small and compact, will operate to 20 degrees below zero and is protected against rain, snow and ice.  No more electric fencing, no more need for guard dogs or the nasty time consuming job of trapping critters that are killing the livestock you worked so hard to raise. A typical arrangement of four lights will cover many acres as the lights are visible from ½ mile away to a predator. Nite Guard is not a strobe type light and will not be annoying to you, your neighbors or your own livestock.  As an added bonus, Nite Guard lights give the impression of a security system in place and will give intruders something to think about.

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